Mixie Deposit Scheme :

Eligibility :

Any Individual, singly or jointly.

Amount of Deposit :

Minimum amount Rs.10,000/- and in multiples of Rs.1000/- thereafter.

Rate of Interest :

Interest as per term deposit rate decided by the bank from time to time on maturity patterns.

Period :

The deposits under Scheme are accepted for minimum period of 2 years and in multiples of three months thereafter with maximum period of 120 months.

Auto Liquidity :

Soon after cheque book is issued, Bank will open a Mixie Overdraft account in customer's name. Further cheques issued would be debited to this account only. Customer can clear the overdraft with interest and enjoy revolving credit.

Rate of interest charged on Mixie Overdraft account would be 2% over and above the rate of deposit.

Nomination :

Nomination facility is available.

Levy of other charges :

The Bank will not charge other charges such as, folio charges etc. to Mixie Overdarft Account.

On maturity, proceeds of Mixie are credited to clear the overdraft and balance is credited to depositor’s account. Depositor may prefer to renew the deposit & continue facility.

For latest details please contact our nearest branch.

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